Question by  Catwoman71 (27)

Will two different species of clown fish fight one another?

I would like to have a variety of clown fish in my tank but am worried about them killing each other.


Answer by  karthick58 (46)

they will fight but not kill each other,if two fish looks similar they will fight more to prove dominance,Hell everyone knows clownfish will fight unless: They have a Bigtop Tent (ala Circus style) They have a Clown Car They have plenty of face paint & floppy shoes!


Answer by  Tank (539)

Do not keep any two species of clowns together. You can have a pair of the same species but opposite species will fight. Get an occelaris pair.


Answer by  harper2583 (466)

Its just like any types of of some will fight others will not it also depend son how big you tank is. If you have a small tank they will fight more than a bigger one. plus lots of cover helps.


Answer by  Kegami (25)

If you have two different species of clown fish they could fight, it's better to stick with on species. Especially if you get two males, try to get 2 females and a male or something similar.


Answer by  junebug0720 (270)

I wouldn't put the two of them together in one tank. You are better off to pick one species and only have those together.

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