Question by  nsmith21137 (22)

Can I introduce a Clown-Knife Fish into my aquarium of smaller fish?

I'm worried that it will eat my other fish.


Answer by  toadie (25)

A clown knife will eat most fish smaller than it. I wouldn't recommend putting it in with fish less than half its length. Also, they can grow quite long-if the fish is smaller than the knife's full length it will eventually be able to eat it. Consider only fairly large, robust tankmates.


Answer by  ZackRoca33 (206)

The clown-knife fish is definitely in the catagory of "semi-aggressive" and you have to be careful when you introduce it into an already established tank. It will not necessariy eat your smaller fish, but if they are also bottom-dwellers then you will almost certainly have problems if the tank is too small.


Answer by  jwood (18)

The clown knifefish should be kept in a tank with other fish of its size, because their diet includes smaller fish.


Answer by  chet13 (332)

It is always dangerous to introduce a new fish into an established tank. Especially a larger fish. Chances are it will east the smaller fish.

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