Question by  Molly36 (27)

What is a good remedy for a grass fungus?

I have a grass fungus.


Answer by  jennycountrysidegirl (96)

A great easy way to kill grass fungus in with a mixture of baking powder and water or to spead a bit of plain corn meal on it. When killing grass fungus you should remember to avoid excess water. Look at the base of the problem being the sod and the mineral levels in the ground.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Mix a can of any beer, a cup of cheap mouthwash and 1/4 cup of cheap dish soap and spray on your grass. Spray in a hose sprayer to rid the grass of fungus.


Answer by  brado76 (167)

You can purchase a fungicide at your local home improvement store. Another possible solution is to water your lawn in the morning instead of at night. If you water in the morning, the day time sun will burn off fungus.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

Grass Fungus depends on the type you have but you can go to Lowes or Home Depot they have afew things set in place

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