Question by  RyanJames (41)

What can be done for fungus on a Rose of Sharon?

My Rose of Sharon has developed a fungus.


Answer by  annlees (74)

Prune out some of the branches to provide better air circualtion. Use a fungicide spray approved for fungus diseases on Rose of Sharon plants at the rate and schedule recommended by the manufacturer.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Basically to get rid of the fungus, scrape the parts off and spray some apple cider vinegar on top of it to let it fall off.


Answer by  MatH (35)

For most fungi of the Hibiscus family, a sodium bicarbonate solution is the most effective, yet safe treatment. Begin with a one quart spray bottle filled with water. Add 2 teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate, aka baking soda, to the water, then a one second squeeze of antibacterial dish soap, shake, spray the entire plant, repeat every 2 weeks as needed.


Answer by  namaste01701 (37)

This can be caused by watering your rose of sharon too much. I would suggest transplanting your rose of sharon if it is too close to a lawn that is watered often. Fungus can also be caused by too much fertilizer or not enough water. Transplanting your rose of sharon away from the lawn should also help.


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

When the plant is dry, rake and remove the infected leaves. Use a fungicide for fungal leaf spots. Water should be directed at the soil level instead of overhead irrigation.


Answer by  scariapj (346)

It is a common disease usually affects the buds of the rose. We can make the disease controlled by using the general fungicide sold on the fertile shops. The most popular fungicide is the copper oxychloride powder. Dissolve the powder in the required amount of water and spray the solution.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, I would recommend cleansing it with vinegar based substances. Or use a horticultural spray if you have one handy. Fungus may as well damage this plant.

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