Question by  CoHere (18)

Will my girlfriend like a pear shaped engagement ring?

It is my favorite but I hope she likes it.


Answer by  amp2140 (148)

Check the ring against the other jewelry she owns. If she likes simple, symmetrical things, try something else. Hypothetically go through a ring catalog and see what she likes.


Answer by  littlegee (192)

Whether she likes it depends on her own personal taste. However, it is a very popular cut and is the oldest and is considered one of the finest cuts available.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

I think pear shaped engagement rings are very pretty! Honestly, I'm sure that your girlfriend will love any type of engagement ring that you choose for her because it's coming from you, and the sentiment behind the jewelry is so special and romantic. To pick the right ring, just think about her and go with your instinct.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

Asking a stranger online probably isn't your best bet. I don't know your girlfried, but I do know that currently the pear shape is popular for evening wear. The safest shape to get for an engagaement ring is round, since it is the most popular for weddings.

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