Question by  tardis (42)

How should a petite with a pear-shape dress?

I mean, what styles of clothes are best?


Answer by  choctaw (361)

choose shirts that are boatneck or scoopneck to draw attention to your neck and face. Choose skirts and pants whos waistline hits slightly below yours. Stay away from tight fitting bottoms. Get shoes that are heeled and a heavier style. Avoid ankle straps or t-straps. Concentrate on blazers and jackets that fit above or below your hips.


Answer by  Cyn (408)

You can try wearing straight leg pants in a dark color. The straight leg will make you look longer and leaner. Also, wear heels and make sure that the pants cover the tops of your shoes. Wear shirts that a little tigher under the bustline. This will emphasis a smaller waist.


Answer by  hvinson0310 (14)

For a casual look, a petite pear-shaped woman should dress in relatively form fitting bright colored tops. They can be prints or solids. They should choose pants that are dark in color. Long pants should be boot cut. The bright tops and dark pants will draw peoples attention up and will take away from the pear shaped bottom.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Long pants are good because they make you seem taller and they do not accentuate the paer shape. Longer skirts are best too. Capris are better than shorter shorts. It is best to wear sweaters that cover the waist instead of shirts tucked in which will draw attention to the pear shape.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Do not wear horizontal lines always go for vertical as this will make you look taller. Wear plain clothes not too patterned as this can make a petite person look frumpy. A plain white top or blouse is better than a patterned blouse. Black plain trousers or a jean is ideal rather than patterned trouser. Go for the plainer clothes.

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