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Question by  HappyBusMan (30)

Will my discharge hurt me if I have an uncharacterized personality disorder?


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Being discharge could hurt you if you were improperly diagnosed. I suggest after you are discharged that you go to another doctor from a different hospital or a different psychiatrist from another place and have them try to diagnose your personality disorder. You don't want it to come back and bite you later.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Most employers will not look into your discharge if it is for medical reasons, they only care about dishonorable discharges. You will have trouble getting a security clearance for employment though.


Answer by  worker1119 (78)

Yes it would disturb you because it takes a long time to diagnose your disorder. It is advisable that you deny your discharge so that you can be away from unwanted problems.


Answer by  sweet (29)

It will not hurt you because the disorder in your personality will help you seek excuses and validate your unrealistic perceptions about yourself. You will probably put the blame elsewhere, to somebody else.

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