Question by  abilash (20)

Will Kate Spade diaper bags hold their value and withstand the wear and tear of every day use?

I love the look of Kate Spade diaper bags but am concerned about spending that much on them.


Answer by  Maria23 (144)

The Kate Spade diaper bags are good quality, but it's still a diaper bag. It is going to be used everyday, and you cannot really take the time and have the attention to be careful and take good care of the bad. Also, it may enter messy situations. If you are that concerned about ruining it, get a cheaper bag.


Answer by  MandyH (19)

Kate Spade diaper bags are generally made of sturdy nylon, so they should withstand light everyday use. However; they are not machine washable like other diaper bags on the market. Since they are designer, they do have a decent resale value. The resale value does depend on if there are any scuffs, tears, rips, or marks.


Answer by  Dahloan (294)

kate Spade diaper bags will withstadn the wear and tear of everyday use. All of the diaper bags are made of 100 percent leather. As such, the bags are water resistant, which is benefitical with baby formulas and such in the diaper bag that might leak.


Answer by  jules45 (168)

Kate Spade diaper bags get good reviews online. The bags are made from high quality material, and are wipe-able...a must to prolong the life of any diaper bag.


Answer by  Maggie57 (20)

You could try this product. I have found that the higher priced baby accessories don't always last as long as some of the others out there. Personally I preferred the Graco brand.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

They are cute but let's face it. It's a diaper bag. They get dirty, dingy and sometimes puked on. They're not worth spending a lot of money on on.


Answer by  childebrand (63)

Honestly i think that your just paying for the name of the diaper bag. You are better off buying something less expensive.

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