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Question by  figthepig (26)

Will I have abscess gums after a root canal?


Answer by  cindywu (21)

An abcess usaully appears before the root canal treatment. In addition, an abcess may also be present after the root canal is completed and will need at least a week or two to settle down. The dentist should prescribe an antibiotic to help speed the process of bringing the infection down.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

No you should not have abscessed gums after a root canal. A root canal is suppose to clear out any abscess or infection.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

You should not. Your gums should not be effected by a root canal. A root canal is just to have the tooth and root. The gums maybe a little sensitive after a root canal but if they are they should heal up quickly. The tooth and root are the only parts that I think can get abscessed.


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

If your root canal is performed properly, you should not experience and sort of abscess formation on your gums or gumline. What may lead to abscess would be not wanting to thoroughly brush the area because of pain from the root canal. Consult with your dentist about how to maintain proper oral hygene.


Answer by  Sticky (363)

Not unless the root canal has been unsuccessful. The idea of a root canal is to remove all the necrotic tissue from the root canals and pulp chamber. It is the infection and entrapment of this tissue that causes the abscess.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

you shouldnt. the root canal is to FIX the absessed tooth, not cause the other way around. its possible you can get infection in the incision area, but if that happens just talk to your dentist and up your antibiotics.

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