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Question by  sprayahen (8)

What is the best treatment for a reinfected root canal?

I had a root canal two weeks ago and I have now developed a new infection.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Usually the best treatment is for you to take some antibiotics for at least seven days and then have the tooth extracted that way that you do not get anymore infections.


Answer by  enu (452)

If reinfection has occurred,root canal can be performed for the second time to ward off the infection. But if it's difficult to perform a root canal ,then apicoectomy can be performed where the root tip is removed and the root ends are sealed.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

You will need to contact your dentist or doctor and get some form of penicillin, otherwise the infection can spread into your blood stream.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

Go back to the dentist so that a medication can be prescribed and also there is a problem that needs to fixed it can.

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