Question by  Baobao (1273)

Will having an abortion affect future pregnancies?


Answer by  Emr (698)

One of the main advantages of safe and legal abortion is that a skilled practitioner can perform the procedure safely. An abortion performed by a trained physician should have no lasting physical effects on the patient requesting the procedure.


Answer by  benjiross (993)

Medical abortions do not decrease chances of getting pregnant later. Very rarely is there a chance of problems in subsequent prengnancies. Surgical abortions can cause a slight damage to the uterus or cervix (birth canal) and this can cause problems later; however this too is rare.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

There is a good chance that an abortion will not have any affect on future pregnancies. However, there is potential for complications which could affect conceiving and/or sustaining future pregnancies.

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