Question by  s13jones (9)

Will eating too much shrimp cause high cholesterol?

I really like shrimp.


Answer by  acn (8)

Eating too much of any food is not good for your health. But shrimp are low in saturated fat, so it is unlikely they will raise cholesterol blood levels. Shrimp are high in healthy fats, especially Omega-3. If you are concerned about cholesterol levels, make sure to avoid shrimp swimming in butter.


Answer by  spookythemartian (75)

Shrimp is very high in cholesterol. But it is not that bad for you if eating in moderation. Like all Animals, shell fish, Etc shrimp contains a natural source of cholesterol also. If you eat it in moderation and watch your cholesterol in take you should be fine. But most animals and anything they produce has cholesterol.

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