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Question by  James720 (13)

What is the relationship between stress and high cholesterol?

My dad has really bad cholesterol, and I think it is partly due to his stress levels.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Stress doesn't contribute to bad cholesterol, this is mainly diet and genetic-related. Stress does raise the heart rate and blood pressure, which can cause damage, especially if a person has high cholesterol levels.


Answer by  spirit66 (18)

Although there are several factors that influence cholesterol levels, stress, by itself, is not one of them. However, stress can have an impact on cholesterol levels if it causes a person to eat foods that will raise cholesterol levels.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Actually there has been research showing that stress can cause high cholesterol. It's not very well understood why but one explaination is that when you're under stress, your fats in your food burn different and this causes your LDL level to elevate. Another explaination is when you are stressed you eat high fat foods you normally wouldn't.


Answer by  turkmeister77 (107)

Stress does not cause high cholesterol but it can complicate the problem. High cholesterol is ultimately caused mainly by diets high in fats, and is improved by dietary alterations.

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