Question by  Danajayde (16)

Will changing the ip address get rid of a hacked computer connection?


Answer by  EdwinAnderson (20)

The process of changing your IP address will break the initial hacked computer connection, but it may not actually rid of the hacker. Depending on the type of hack utilized they hacker may have installed malicious code on the host machine to "phone home", which would re-initiate the connection.


Answer by  splat (29)

Not necessarily. If the hacker merely has access to your computer by means of a password, then changing the IP address will likely be sufficient. More likely, however, the hacker will already have covertly installed malware on your computer. These programs will remain on your computer and will continue to do harm even after you change the IP address.


Answer by  roshini (5)

If anybody has hacked into your computer, you can change your IP address. It is very simple. Just unplug your cable modem and wait some time. When you plug it again the modem will get a new IP address. If your connection is wireless, a dynamic IP address will automatically change itself to a new one.


Answer by  Samantha64 (120)

Usually, no. Most computer hacks are designed to reconnect when the IP address changes. If your computer has been compromised, you'll need a thorough scan done with current anti-viral and anti-spyware software. In some cases, repair may not be possible, depending on what malware you've picked up. You may need to reformat your hard drive.

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