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Question by  Jannie (18)

What can you do to keep marijuana from showing up in your urinalysis?

I'm really worried about my next drug test.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

I love the green, but it is fat-soluble. That means it stays in the fats in your blood and body tissues. The more fat, the longer it stays. Fat people can test even later than 30 days. Drink tons of water, and don't smoke if the test is that important.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There is nothing you can do once you have smoked it. You need to quit smoking pot. The marijuana can show up in your urine for up to thirty days after your last smoke.


Answer by  exoticoption (52)

You can try diluting the urine by drinking a lot of water. You can also spike the urine using over the counter pills to remove thc. One good method is the pill for urinary tract infection. Be cautious -it turns urine orange.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The only way to keep marijuana from showing in a urine test it to not smoke marijuana. Once you have, it's going to show up. The high-priced products and "secret methods" are scams, so don't waste your money.

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