Question by  Tara39 (34)

How do we teach disrespect to children?

Children learn disrespect from adults.


Answer by  greysquirrel (239)

Not only do we teach disrespect to kids by disrespecting other adults and strangers, but they learn to be disrespectful when we disrespect them too. All people, young and old, should be treated with appropriate respect.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

When a child is young they're at their most impressionable state. At this time in their lives they're like a Sponge. You are merely teaching them by your actions.


Answer by  worker6088 (13)

Showing disrespect by yelling at, arguing with, or ignoring the feelings of other people in front of a child is introducing them to disrepsectful behavior and they learn how to behave from adults, and mimic the influencing adults around them, so this teaches them disrespect.


Answer by  fesdre (655)

We teach children disrespect just by them watching what we do. This is precisely why we need to set a good example for all children that we encounter. Give it a shot.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Developmental psychologists state that children are egocentric and that as they interact with others they learn to be less egocentric and more respectful. Also, too often parents say things and don't follow through, which teaches kids that it doesn't matter what parents/adults say. Finally, kids learn by example. If one parent disrespects the other, the kids will follow the example.

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