Question by  Abs (26)

Will a squirrel feeder keep the squirrels out of the bird feeder?

The squirrels are eating all the bird food.


Answer by  MorganL (26)

No, If a squirrel is wanting to eat the bird food, it will go to the location on the food. Getting a different feeder and putting squirrel food in it does not give any guarentee at all the that squirrel will stay out of the bird feeder and leave the food alone.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

No. Squirrels are the absolute devil with feeders, and voracious. However, sprinkle cayenne pepper in with the bird feed- birds actually like it, but the squirrels will avoid it.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

A squirrel feeder might help the current problem, but it won't stop it completely. The squirrels will most likely eat out of their own feeder, and still snack out of the feeder meant for the birds.


Answer by  lunkerlaker (26)

It's possible. My grandfather battled with his neighborhood squirrels for years and he tried everything from greasing the bird feeder pole, moving the bird feeder further and further away from their porch so they couldn't jump onto the feeder. I've never tried a squirrel feeder to fix that though.


Answer by  theturtlepond (44)

It most likely will attract more squirrels to the area. You must keep the squirrels away from the feeder altogether.


Answer by  CandaceCam (55)

Squirrels have a voracious appetite. They will probably enjoy both feeders at the same time. You need a feeder that can only be accessed by the birds.


Answer by  WeepingAngel (74)

keeping squirrels out of your bird feeder is a problem for basically every with a bird feeder.Getting a squirrel feeder isn't a bad idea-it certainly wouldn't hurt-but it's likely that they will still prefer getting into the bird food.

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