Question by  Megan80 (161)

Will a raw food diet increase your libido?

I would like to increase my libido.


Answer by  Wayne100 (42)

Maybe you know that oysters, chocolate, pepper can increase libido. In fact ,you trust these foods to psychologically affect your libido.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Yes, I think that a raw food diet change will help you in many ways including increasing your libido because it is healthy for you to eat fresh raw foods.


Answer by  Pantherz (30)

Not at all. Actually a raw food diet will increase your libido, but there are other draw backs to a raw food diet. The main problem with a raw food diet is the lack of cooking, this results in your body not absorbing those much need nutritions. The benefits include increased energy and weight loss.


Answer by  joyce51 (22)

Fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been boiled retain the largest amounts of vitamins and minerals. When your body gets sufficient nutrition and natural sugar energy, everything will improve.


Answer by  Robin (149)

to the best of my knowledge it will not that but it is a muscle and just like anyother muscle in the human body if you work it out it will streach and then over time will get bigger and the more you use the muscle it will get bigger

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