Question by  jokulhlaup (28)

Why won't my PS2 play games?


Answer by  drew12 (244)

Put in different types of optical disks like dvd's and cd's. If it does not play those then your ps2 is broken. If it does play both types then it is your games causing the problem.


Answer by  jawedge (238)

The lens may be dirty. You can try a standard DVD player cleaning disc to try to fix this. The DVD drive may be bad, instructions exist on how to repair that yourself, but the repair is tricky and should not be attempted if you are unfamiliar with the internal wirings of components.


Answer by  fixitman (80)

There are several possible reasons. The most probable is that the laser unit inside the PS2 may be damaged and must be replaced. Put an audio CD in and see if that reads...if not, get the laser replaced.


Answer by  tenritsu (51)

As PS2s get older, the laser that reads the games sometimes loses its effectiveness. You could try to get a cd laser cleaner kit and run it in the PS2, or you could try cleaning the discs and putting the PS2 in an upright position. However, if your PS2 is really old, you might need to buy a new one.


Answer by  StingRay (471)

The eye that reads the game is dirty or off tilt. Remove the top of the unit. Then take off the top of the disk tray. Clean the small glass eye with alcohol. Otherwise, you will notice two white gears, mark where they are with a marker and then move them 1 tooth at a time until it's realligned.


Answer by  skdo (113)

There are a variety of possible reasons. Perhaps the dvd drive laser is dirty, or maybe a part of the hardware has died completely.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

It most probably won't play the games you have because it does not like your sissy games and wants better ones that are worth it's effort to run. Perhaps it is trying to tell you to leave it alone and go play outside or get a life. You could just get a new PS2 though.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

If the PS2 will not read any discs what so ever, it is most likely the optical drive. The drives run on a laser that reads the disc. You should try to blow it out with a can of duster.


Answer by  Darthcaboose (43)

Check to make sure the CD you have is indeed for the PS2 console. Also, check your PS2's set region; there's NTSC for North America and PAL for Japan.

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