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Question by  Bman (1)

Why won't any of my controllers work on my PS1 anymore?


Answer by  ajack88 (39)

This could be a result of multiple factors. Your controllers could be old and broken just from general wear and tear, or your system could be having issues. There could be an issue in the cord of the controller as well. Your best bet would be to try and find a new controller.


Answer by  Hom (238)

There are several reasons why your controllers wont work, but the main reason is that the battery inside of your controller has died and it needs to be replaced.


Answer by  Kimi (432)

If none of your controllers are working, it sounds like your issue is with the PlayStation and not the controllers. If one of your controller ports is working, but the other is not, then the problem is with the controller port. You should first try cleaning out the port with compressed air.


Answer by  Philhendrie (47)

Try plugging the controller into the other port on the playstation console, it could be that port is no longer working correctly. Also make sure you are using a Playstation One controller as they are virtually identical to PS2.


Answer by  guy (107)

They might have gotten worn out from years of usage, the chord could be broken, or some internal component could have broken. You should get a new controller.


Answer by  phoenix81 (50)

The reason behind your PS1 controllers not working is because maybe the cord on your controller is short and you have to rewire the conjunction together again. Sounds like an easy problem

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