Question by  weegee06 (25)

Why is there mucus in my dog's stool?


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Mucus in dog stool could be due to a parasitic infestation, such as tapeworm, hookworm, or roundworm; a virus; or colitis, inflammation of the bowel. It is recommended that you bring a stool sample to your vet. Based on the stool sample, your vet will prescribe a medication or change the dog's diet.


Answer by  Jules28 (196)

The presence of mucus usually indicates an issue with the small intestine, which could be caused by food allergies, lack of vaccinations, or a bacterial infection in the intestine.


Answer by  alidanh (19)

The first thing that comes to my mind is worms and I would probably visit a pet shop and acquire some worm medicine and give as directed. If this does not stop I would take the dog to a vet, since someone once told me this could be an indication of ulcers.


Answer by  darla (94)

A worm infestation such as roundworm, tapeworm or hookworm could be the reason for mucus in the dog's stool. It could also be caused by a virus such as parvo or corona, even in vaccinated dogs. Another possibility is colitis or irritable bowel syndrome(IBS)


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

There are several reasons for this including colitis. Irritation of the intestines can be caused by a change in diet or consumption of a large amount of indigestible fiber like grass. It can also be caused by parasites.


Answer by  poons (23)

Mucus in Dog's stool indicates some type of infection or parasitic infestation. It could be due to worm infestation such as roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm or due to colitis which is sometime referred as irritable bowel syndrome.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

Mucus in stool indicates an irritation of the lower bowel area. This can be from intestinal parasites, infection, a swallowed non food item, an allergic reaction etc.


Answer by  LisaEicholtz (227)

Dogs with colitis will have mucus in their stools. Collitis is irritation of the intestine there are also some more serious ailments that cause this so if it is permanent.

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