Question by  joe16 (32)

Why is there frost on the air conditioner line?

Should I be concerned?


Answer by  scaremall (202)

This could indicate an undercharged system. Your best bet would be to have a qualified technician do a clean and check on your system.


Answer by  MissT (21)

Depending on outside air temperature, this is not always a problem however it can reveal an oncoming issue. Sometimes this signifies your unit is low on freon. A technician can check the pressure and advise if your system needs a charge. This requires special guages and must be done by a technician.


Answer by  JimIngram (115)

If frost is forming on an air conditioner line you should check for clogged coils, a dirty filter or low freon level in the unit. Frost can also form on the lines if the compressor is not functioning properly. If you are not a licensed HVAC specialist, you will have to contact someone to add freon or check the compressor.


Answer by  Laura94 (89)

The most probable reason that your air conditioner line has frost is low refrigerant. This is most commonly caused by a leak and should be checked by a technician.


Answer by  worker36 (23)

You may have a dirty filter and need to replace it, or freon level may be low,you may want to wash the outside unit with a cleaner for ac units you can pick some up at any home depot,lowes sprey the solution and rinse off with water from your water hose


Answer by  Randy76 (95)

The number one cause of frost on the condensor line is low freon. Also, a quick way to defrost it is to turn your fan on "on" and run it.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

Unless there is a heavy amount of frost on the line this is not a concern and is quite common.

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