Question by  Sonny (44)

What could be the cause of my air conditioning not cooling?

I have noticed that my air conditioner is no longer cooling, what could cause this?


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

There could be a couple of causes for your air conditioning not cooling. You should check the air filter and see if it needs to be replaced. Impaired air flow is a major problem. You should also check at the outside unit to make sure the air vents are clear. It may also need the freon recharged.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

The most likely cause is that the air conditioner has lost its refrigerant. You would want to get a professional to check for any leaks and then to add refrigerant.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

im going through this right now there is not any freeon in the air conditioner and you need to call some one out to do it it does cost that much but its time for a new one


Answer by  Fritz (608)

It may be there is not enough freon in it any longer or it could just be an older unit that needs serviced by a professional to make sure there is not something else wrong.

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