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Question by  susan27 (24)

How much horsepower does a car's air conditioning compressor use?

I think my air conditioner may be causing me to lose horsepower. I need to know how much it uses to determine if this is the problem.


Answer by  tucsonics (7)

My 2002 Prius mpg dropped from 48-50 to 42 at best. The engine stayed on all the time. The current buzz around all-electric cars have not taken into account us drivers in Arizona who must use air conditioning. Electrics are impractical in hot climates and will not sell here.


Answer by  interstellarsurfer (35)

Your cars' air conditioner can use up to 20% of your engine's available power when it's running, and consumes even more power when the compressor initially starts up.


Answer by  bb (674)

a air conditioner does not use that much horsepower unless the compressor is going out or a bad bearing. the engine may have a drop in horsepower because of something else.


Answer by  Joe57 (25)

About 20% of horsepower is lost when using your air conditioner,example: a reduction of 30 miles from 100 mph


Answer by  khernau (0)

Great question. I have also heard that using the air conditioning takes up more gas than just having the windows down. I don't know how true that statement is though. It would nice to find out!

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