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Question by  Rastadata (38)

Can you help me troubleshoot my rv air conditioner that is leaking?

I would like to fix my air conditioner in my rv prior to my next trip.


Answer by  apey (32)

check to see if there is a hole on the outside of the ac if there is make sure it is not clogged so any condensation can leak outside and not in. If there is no hole then take a drill and drill a small hole for the condenstation to drip threw


Answer by  Johnny2by4 (10)

Hey, Have you checked the tubing? I once had the problem with my RV that a tube was leaking wich caused it to blow hot air only. The liquids that where leaking caused severe damage aswell.


Answer by  roy (22)

Air conditioners are supposed to drip condensation. Meaning water. The problem might be with where the condensation is flowing too.

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