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Question by  alex78 (17)

Why is my rabbit making funny noises?


Answer by  mstmp (75)

Rabbits do tend to make a few noises. Sometimes when they are exerting too much energy doing something, they will make a squeaking noise. Other times, they may be playing and making clicking sounds which just usually means that they are happy and content. I am not sure what kind of noise you are speaking of.


Answer by  jaw2009 (109)

It is hard to say without more information. Some sounds could be an indication of pain or discomfort. Other sounds may indicate that the rabbit is looking for a mate. Still others may just be friendly "talking" sounds. If you are concerned that your rabbit is ill or in pain, the best course of action is to seek veterinary care.


Answer by  Rabbit (16)

It depends on the noise. If your bunny is sighing, that indicates that he is annoyed at you. If your Bun is making a noise that sounds similar to a ping grunting, then this indicates that he's very, very angry. I have never heard my bun grunt. A Rabbit might also grunt if he doesn't like another rabbit.


Answer by  dumbterminal (5)

It might be because it is in pain, happy, pregnant, in heat, babies are already there, giving birth. There are a lot of possibilities,

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