Question by  jesusfreakclp (1)

What's wrong with my air conditioner if it was making a funny noise then stopped blowing cold air?

We thought it might be frozen, so we turned it off for a couple of hours and changed the filters. When we turned it back on it blew cold air for a little while then stopped. Now the fan blades don't seem to be moving.


Answer by  iggypop (111)

The fan blades outside are used to move air over the compressor and evaporator coil. If the blades are not turning then the compressor will overheat and cutout to protect itself. After the compressor cools off, it will restart and supply a burst of cold air before overheating again. The problem is lack of airflow over the compressor and evaporator.


Answer by  Erdogan (11)

If you did not check fan motor you should check fan motor. You should use an ampermeter and measure the voltage when fan is working. (if it moves sometimes.) If the fan blades never can move, you should change the fan motor. You can easly change the motor. Do not call service.

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