Question by  MichaelHails (38)

Why is my left hand tingling?


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Any tingling in the left arm or hand can be circulation and could relate to heart problems if the symptoms persist seek medical advice.


Answer by  crazycool (145)

Bad blood circulation. If you have been using the keyboard, then you might want to readjust your hand so you don't get carpal tunnel!


Answer by  3orabi (104)

There are many causes of tingling such as carpel tunnel syndrome (mainly in pregnant women), diabetes mellitus (mainly in elderly) , nerve injury and nerves degeneration diseases .


Answer by  Anonymous

It could also be related to posture. When we sit for long periods in positions that don't follow the natural curvature of our spine, this can cause numbness/tingling. Also, poor posture can cause pinched nerves in the spine.


Answer by  BreeKL (138)

Your hand might be tingling if you have a pinched nerve anywhere from your wrist all the way up to your neck. Commonly, this is from carpal tunnel syndrome.

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