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Question by  MightyDude (18)

Do they make left hand rifles?

I am left handed.


Answer by  yeswanth (235)

Yes. In market we can get left handed rifles. such as Ruger, Remington, Beretta sako 75, DPMS, Dakota Arms are left handed rifles for left hand users. Lazzeroni type are typical for hunting.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

Yes, they do, both guns and rifles. Left handed rifles are for sale on the internet & in stores. There are also left-handed accessories, such as gun holsters. As with anything, some brands are better than others. Check reviews & online bulletin boards for opinions before buying anything. Good luck.


Answer by  udertheo (116)

Yes, left handed rifles do exist. Your best bet to find one would be to visit your local firearms store, however, I do know that some gun companies like Remington do make left handed firearms.


Answer by  brandenpal123 (1)

they make them with there left hand stupid

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