Question by  BlackCircle (9)

Who are professional golfers with a left hand golf swing?

I am left handed, and I know in baseball it's a great thing to pitch left handed.


Answer by  Joe2533 (205)

There are several great professional golfers who swing left handed. Phil Mickelson is probably the most well known and the highest regarded left-hander. Bubba Watson and Mike Weir are also accomplished left handed golfers.


Answer by  golfaddict (43)

The first left-handed golfer that comes to mind is Phil Mickelson. You couldn't ask for anyone better as a role model for lefties. Mike Weir is another.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am aware of these lefties. Bob Charles, Phil Michelson, Mike Weir, Russ Cochran, Ernie gonzalez, sam Adams, Steve Flesh, Greg Chalmers, Bubba Watson.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The most famous professional golfer that swings left handed is Phil Mickelson. He is actually right handed but learned to play left handed from standing watching his father play when Phil was very young. Phil Mickelson is considered one of the best golfers in the world and has an excellent short game.


Answer by  Jeff31 (34)

The most famous left handed golfer in the world right now is Phil Mickleson. He was rated the number two golfer in the world.

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