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Question by  KT57 (18)

Why is my Lab getting gray hair?


Answer by  Erica95 (323)

If your dog is getting up in years graying or whitening hair is a normal occurrence for dogs just like with people or other mammals. Some dogs age more rapidly than others, especially the larger breeds which a lab is. If this doesn't sound like the problem contact your veterinarian.


Answer by  CR125 (396)

Most likely your Lab is getting old, however it could be genetics. Odd patches of discolored hair can appear, or it may even be puppy hair dying off.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Your lab is probably aging. When dogs get older, their hair turns gray and white, just like human's hair does.


Answer by  doglover24 (73)

Usually age is the main factor in graying hair in animals. They don't have to be that old to get it either, some start as early as 2 years old. Usually there's nothing to worry about, but if your really worried about it you can take them to a vet who will be able tell you if anything's wrong.

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