Question by  rscracker (47)

What is the latest in tank top fashion?

I simply love tank tops.


Answer by  lisak (52)

What i noticed most this past summer as far as tank tops go is layering. One solid tank underneath and either a plain or pinted tank over top. Even women who are not rail thin can wear this with ease. I even bought some myself, which I haven't done before.


Answer by  Packers123 (80)

Tank tops can be worn under blouses or shirts. Tank tops in vibrant colors with adjustable straps and built in bras are also highly desirable.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

Bright colors, peace signs and sparkles and jewel are all the rage right now. Another thing I see alot is wearing the tank as a vest.


Answer by  pappu (170)

Tank top are more trendy on current fashion. The tank tops with all kinds of prints, sequence works, thread works, embroidery, or with glitter print and foil is on current fashion now!!! I'm suppling all these items to us market


Answer by  Aqua (130)

I am sorry to say, that 'tank tops' are not the fashion any more, they have been out of style for some time now. The only place a 'tank top' would be acceptable is maybe at the beach or pool.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Tank tops continue to be at the top of the fashion must-have list. Wear them over and camisole or under a sweater or long sleeve top. A tank top that comes below your regular top is perfect also.


Answer by  rabbits123 (85)

well I dont like layering. I think its tacky , yeah it is tacky so I think a cute simple tank top from aeropostale or american eagle , hollister are very cute


Answer by  chubbs76 (1)

muscle shirts (wife beaters) racer backs layering under shirts/dresses or just wear one on top of another tank top

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