Question by  Electro (17)

Why is my 10-month-old scratching his ear?


Answer by  katdog (294)

Your baby may have an ear infection. Some babies scratch at their ears if they are tired, it is a natural signal that they are getting sleepy.


Answer by  okcmouseketeer (779)

My first thought would be to check for an excessive wax build-up in the ear. If that is not the case I would have him checked for an ear infection. Other than that, it could be drainage in the ear canal causing irritation or even dry skin in the ear area.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Water might have entered inside his ear while bathing and he feels irritation or he may have fungus infection inside his ear. It may be due to any problem in throat or nose because all these parts are connected. Don't put ear drops or clean his ear using ear buds etc. which will create more problems. Consult ENT specialist soon.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Scratching or puling on an ear could indicate the onset of an ear infection. Please be sure to watch him or her close for drainage coming from his ear and a fever.

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