Question by  juliemarie (13)

Why is it swollen underneath my tongue?


Answer by  muzic74 (72)

Swelling underneath the tongue can be caused by infection or inflammation of the surrounding tissues such as the salivary ducts. If the swelling is rapid the cause is likely to be an allergic reaction.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

There are many causes of a swelling in that region. However, one of the more common and ofter overlooked is a blocked or infected salivary duct. Other than your parotid gland most of your major salivary glands drain under the tongue and can become blocked by stones. See you doctor to make sure there is nothing more serious going on.


Answer by  classc1 (41)

There are two salivary ducts in that location which may be inflamed for one reason or another that might be causing the swelling underneath the tongue. An abcessed tooth can cause swelling in different areas of the mouth.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

This might be because of an infection due to a wounded tongue. Try checking it if it has a cut and gurgle with mouth wash to clean the area.


Answer by  msal (70)

Underneath your tongue are a pair of glands called Salivary glands. These are absolutely normal swellings. As the name suggests they produce saliva which not only prevents the mouth from drying out, but also helps to make the food moist so making it easy to be chewed.If these swellings become big or painful then one should see a doctor.


Answer by  smithjen1498 (192)

One reason for this could be that you have a blockage in a salvia duct. The blockage could be caused by a salivary duct stone. Another reason could be that you have a canker sore under your tongue.


Answer by  JuliaJolie (415)

Swelling under the tongue can be caused by a canker sore, an oral infection or a swollen glands due to a viral infection. A doctor can diagnose you.


Answer by  lakshmi (196)

swelling under the tongue may due to many reasons such as deficiency, or some growth when we were may be due tothyroid deficiency. proper medication should be taken.

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