Question by  pippin (1)

Why has my 10 year old daughter developed an eye twitch in her left eye that causes it to close?


Answer by  Lynore (191)

When my daughter was young she was doing the same thing, I never mentioned it to her hoping she would grow out of it, and she did. You should use your judgement though and if you think she needs professional help, then get some.


Answer by  Scooby14 (73)

To the best of my knowledge muscle spasms can be caused by high levels of stress. Talk to your daughter and see if something is bothering her. On occasion my eyes twitch when I'm dealing with a stressful situation. If your daughter says she is not stressed, seek professional help.


Answer by  Liz54 (103)

I am not a doctor. I used to have eye twitching when I was a child. Then I had other ticks. I grew out of them. In your case, however, it could be a sign of a neurological problem. This issue should warrant a doctor visit, who will be able to assess, and refer you to a neurologist.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

It could be a neurologivcal problem or it could be a nervous twitch. Is she upset about anything or does she have any issues plaguing her? It could be a problem with eye muscles. She needs to be seen by a pediatrician and possibly a specialist and I would take her asap.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

A few of the more common factors could be stress, anxiety, or just really dry eyes. However there are a few more serious medical disorders that could cause the tic. Consider whether the twitch is intermittent or constant. (i. e is there something that seems to "trigger" the twitch? ) If it continues, it's best to see a medical doctor.

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