Question by  HulaGirl (28)

What are the organs on the left side of your body?

I am having pain on my left side and would like to know what is there.


Answer by  jhitchin (92)

In the thorax: the heart and the left lung. In the abdomen: the left lobe of the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, the spleen, the appendix, the left kidney, the left adrenal gland, sections of the large and small intestines. If you are a woman, also include the left ovary, the left fallopian tube and uterus.


Answer by  diane (117)

Some of the organs that we have on our left side include the left lung, left kidney, stomach, spleen, and parts of the colon.


Answer by  kenkary (33)

the skull whcih protects the brain,lungs, the heart which has left atrium and left ventricle,lungs,left kidney,some parts of jejenum and illeum,left half of the bladder forwoman left half of felopian tube and left half og uterus

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