Question by  ROTHholder (13)

What causes a muscle to twitch?

I frequently have muscles that twitch.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

If it's not fatigue, it's usually just a random thing muscles do sometimes. Eyelid twitching is common for example, and I'll go a whole week with periods of twitching sometimes.


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

There are so many reasons for muscles to twitch such as fatigue, overuse of the muscle, dehydration, low potassium levels, low thyroid levels, and various other diseases. If the muscle twitching is infrequent then I would not worry, but if it is frequent then I would tell your doctor.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

This is usually not a problem. In most cases, it is harmless and natural. There are many possible causes, from too much caffeine in your diet to a lack of magnesium in your diet. Muscles also twitch as part of recovery from exercise or due to high stress levels. However, it is a problem if your muscles also get weaker.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

Twitching muscles hints that you've been working out a part of your body which hasn't been stretched before. You shouldn't be alarmed by the twitching; it's simply your body's way of saying, "Woh... it's been a long time since this muscle's been used!"

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