Question by  4lizzieb (120)

Why doesn't my pet snake eat during the fall and the winter?

It's not hibernating, so why doesn't it eat?


Answer by  SamZ (27)

Snakes stop eating in colder seasons due to the fact that they are cold-blooded. Their metabolism slows down so much in the cold weather that they no longer need to eat because they aren't burning any calories. They don't hibernate like mammals do, but they still have internal changes similar to hibernation.


Answer by  missmojo1 (29)

Many factors contribute to whether or not your snake is eating. Since I do not now what type of snake you have, I can only offer generic advice. The slightest change in temperature and surroundings can alter a pet snakes appetite. Please monitor the temperature in the enclosure carefully as this would be my first suspicion.


Answer by  Cruentare (20)

Some snakes have periods of time that they will refuse food but this should not last through two seasons. The snake may be colder than it would be during summer months. I suggest a heating pad or lamp. However don't use heating rocks because they can cause burns to snakes getting to close or falling asleep on it.

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