Question by  jmhunter (21)

Is it okay for a corn snake to live on sand?

I am planning on getting a pet corn snake.


Answer by  idetektiv (208)

Clean, sifted sand can technically be used, but isn't a very good choice. It gets stuck between scales, and harbors bacteria. Aspen is the best choice for bedding.


Answer by  GarrisonCarter (43)

No. When choosing a bedding for your corn snake it is best to avoid anything dusty or drying, such as cat litter or sand. A better alternative would be chipped aspen, due to its sterile and dust free nature.


Answer by  karthi (40)

corn snakes can live in any enviroment really they will need a hiding place, a log (maybe), water and a comfortable ground, like cardboard, wood shavings or sand.


Answer by  Kelmaz (339)

Sand is an acceptable substrate for corn snakes to live on but it is not ideal as it is much harder to clean.Astroturf is more frequently used or another form of indoor plastic carpeting such as lino is ideal as it makes cleaning easy and prevents the growth of bacteria.


Answer by  kirri (478)

Corn snakes will do best on artificial grass sheets. Using sand in a snakes cage can lead to impaction if they ingest bits of the sand. This will lead to a slow and painful death of your pet. Only use artificial grass sheets or an approved product designed for use in small breed snakes.


Answer by  Anonymous sand ok? I get that it is harder to clean...but my snake is having issues with aspen and I want to see if I could use anything other then aspen. Any ideas?

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