Question by  Aimee (46)

How do you make a cute door snake?

I think it will help this winter.


Answer by  DRS (621)

Cut a forked tongue out of felt. Glue eyes to the widest part of an old tie. Stuff tie with cotton. Attach tongue when you sew the opening shut.


Answer by  Cathie (670)

Cut fabric to fit the length of the door. Stitch one end closed and go up the side seam. Stuff with fiberfull and stitch the other end closed.


Answer by  PamelaK (264)

You could crochet the snake crocheting a tube of about 3 1/2 feet long and drawing the ends of the tube closed.It could be crocheted in stripes or solid colors with beaded eyes fixed on and a small hat sewn on it's head.


Answer by  MelisaMarie (111)

Pick a funky fabric pattern, maybe zebra, tie dye, leopard etc. that will liven it up and make it more unique.

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