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Question by  stylinrick (2)

Why does my van hesitate on light acceleration or when maintaining speed? It also sounds like it's backfiring.

!999 Chevy express van 5.3 liter V-8 3500


Answer by  Dawn46 (57)

I had a van in the past that did this and my timing was off. I went and had a tune-up and they replaced all the wires and spark plugs. It ran alot smoother after that, and never backfired again. Good luck!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It sounds like you might be experiencing a misfire. The first thing I would do is to pull out the plugs. Check to see if any cylinder looks light it might not be firing sometimes. It will look darker and dirtier than the others. This may indicate that you either need new plugs, wires, or an ignition coil.

Reply by stylinrick (2):
The problem was that one of the ignition rotor screws had faild and the other one was ready to fall out. The cap had a few new spotfacings and good rubs. Changed the Dist. Cap and Rotor and cleand out all the particals and it was good to go.

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