Question by  chalady (17)

Why does my hair smell?

I wash it daily. It still smells and not from the shampoo. It smells nasty.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Do you have dry scalp or any other problems with your scalp? If your scalp has a problem such as dryness or dandruff it could be the cause of the bad smell. If it is dandruff you can treat the condition with a shampoo made to treat it. Once treated you may find that the smell is gone.


Answer by  DEJ (36)

A person's hair smells because of sweat or oil that has built up in the hair. Also one's hair can smell if one has not washed his or her hair in seven to ten days. A person's hair is less likely to smell if one has shoulder length to longer hair.


Answer by  hairhelper (37)

If you are a smoker, you can assume that is the culprit. If not, often your diet has a large influence on the odors your body produces. Try to cut down on greasy intake, and avoid foods such as cheeses and fatty snacks. Another way to help soak up unwanted scent is to use baby powder after washing and drying.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Hair smells bad for a variety of reasons. Cigarette smoke, whether you smoke or not, will cling to your hair. You may also have a scalp infection.

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