Question by  DerRaecherMitDemBecher (32)

Why does my F-150 ac switch to the floor under acceleration?

My ac switches to floor by itself.


Answer by  Samhane (703)

Usually under heavy acceleration the AC switches completely off to provide all available power. If in your case it is still blowing cold at your feet - it could be the discharge left. Or it might only reduce the AC consumption to a certain degree.


Answer by  royce88 (68)

Sounds to me like the flap that directs air flow throught the truck has become loose somehow. When your accelerating the flap is forced down, the same way your forced back in your seat. Mostly all flaps have some kind of spring that keeps it in place. It is either the spring or the cable that is the cause.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

It sounds like you're the victim of faulty wiring, whoever had previously owned your car botched up the wires, replace the fuse box and you're set.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

It could be a faulty wire. You should replace the fuse box and that should resolve the problem you're having.


Answer by  oui72 (514)

A compressor cooling power is directly dependent on the compressor's revolution. The compressor is driven by the engine. Therefore, higher acceleration creates higher cooling power.

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