Question by  Joe46 (88)

What could be causing me to have no output sound from an old receiver?

I have turned the volume up, turned the other receivers off and found that my oldest is not making sound.


Answer by  philthompsonsr (33)

Simple things first. Depending on age, make sure speaker wires are connected. If using a "jack" output, remove plastic housing from the male jack to make sure soldered wires have not become disconnected. Try another set of speakers to determine if the issue is with the output or the speakers.


Answer by  nitroburst (147)

First thing you must check is that there is a properly hooked up speaker load? Running any amplifier device without a speaker load ,or mismatched impedance will most certainly stress, And damage the power section of this device. If you are running two or more power sources? You MUST be sure they're hooked up to individual,And capable speakers.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Let's assume your speakers do work. Check to see what port you have the audio jack plugged into. Sometimes people slip it into the microphone slot by accident. Then check your hardware's volume. I know that sounds silly but sometimes it can be the most obscure things that cause problems.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

The cord to the system may be pulled, replace this cord. If the receiver still does not respond then I suggest trying a MIDI interface. A midi cord should help in this situation. It could also be the speakers that are broken, if this is so, then replace them as needed.


Answer by  Reina (61)

First you should check to make sure the wires are plugged in.Next should inspect all the wires.your receiver may have blown and you will need to purchase new a receiver.


Answer by  MsViolet (8)

Maybe it has a blown fuse? It happened to my old receiver a few times. You can try to open it up and check all the fuses. Best of luck.

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