Question by  zoid (49)

Why do you need a modem?


Answer by  maber (1427)

If you want to access the internet, you will need some type of modem. You can use wired or wireless, but unless you have one, you will not be able to get on the internet.

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Answer by  SureshKumar92 (42)

We know that broadband connections are obtained from ISPs. They provide us this facility only through the telephone cables. Telephone cable can carry only analog signals. But PC operates on digital signal. So the signal is to be converted. In order to do this conversion, we need MODEM (MODULATOR<->DEMODULATOR)


Answer by  bash (1026)

You mean modem for computers. It is for accessing internet connection. There are various kinds of modems. If you have a wireless modem, you can work in your laptop sitting inside your room. Modem will be connected to the main computer.


Answer by  diane (117)

A modem is a device that you need if you want to connect your computer to the internet. Their are different types of modems, and it depends on the type of internet service that you have as to what type of modem you need. The different types are the analog modem, and the digital modem.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Modem is used when we have net connection. It is very important because messages come from far off places crossing through mountains and rivers. If a modem is used the the signal will be clear.


Answer by  holly817 (2)

what is a modem

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