Question by  seas (25)

Why do toddlers experience the terrible twos?


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

They're taking their first steps towards independence. They learn they can affect change by saying no, or otherwise refusing to do something. They're testing their boundaries both physical and emotional. Also, I think sometimes parents clamp down on toddlers, whether they realize it or not. Perhaps because the child is more mobile, therefore more likely to get hurt.


Answer by  NoniM123 (20)

At two years old toddlers know what they want but don't always know how to let us know. They are still learning and working on their comunication skills. It can get very frustrating for them and result in temper tantrums or various other bad behaviors.


Answer by  Spazman667 (259)

Toddlers experience "the terrible twos: because that is the time that a baby or toddler realizes their true existence and learns how others function. Most babies learn that if they cry or act up that attention will be shown to them and babies love attention. It is simply a matter of wanting others to acknowledge they are there.


Answer by  DanielleK (535)

As children grow older, they begin to learn and understand the world about them. The "terrible twos" are a time of adjustment for young children when they are being taught what behavior is expected of them, which at times may go against what they want. Since their language skills aren't as developed, they tend to express their displeasure through actions.


Answer by  Gretchin (352)

It is an inquisitive stage of growth. They are not terrible they are curious; and investigate. This is a great teaching time in life, the teaching twos.


Answer by  Rathi (108)

It is because when they are at two, they explore the world a lot. So whatever they try to experiment, it is thought to be a big nuissaince by others. And so they are called "terrible twos".

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