Question by  Travis64 (18)

What can I do about a speech delay in my toddler who's a twin?

One of the two isn't talking, what could be causing it, and, what should I do?


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

You could put your toddler in the birth- 3 program. It has really helped a good friend of mine. Or take the child to the doctor.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

See if you can set up like a nanny cam to watch them interact when you are not in the room. Sometimes one twin will dominate the other, and even set limitations on what they are and are not allowed to do. If they are interacting normally, talk to your pediatrician about testing for the cause of the speech delay.


Answer by  XRO (46)

Speech will come to each child differently, a twin might have a delay because they don't have an opportunity to talk, the other may be speaking for them. Development delays, such as speech are relatively common in multiple births, if you have concerns (even if you think they are minor) go see a speech pathologist.


Answer by  mascota (639)

I expect that the twin who is talking is answering for his or her sibling. Try to encourage the 'silent' twin to answer questions. If he or she just points to something they want, try to get them to say at least one word to begin with ie instead of pointing a the milk to say the word milk.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Regardless if your toddler is a twin or not, if your child has a speech delay, you should take them to a speech therapist.

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