Question by  lmckiernan (40)

Why do some cultures bind their feet?

It seems like it would hurt.


Answer by  lnsb (43)

Ancient Chinese men found women with small feet to be extremely sexy. Women would start binding at a young age. It would involve breaking or dislocating the toes and curling them under. Most of these women weren't able to walk properly due to the problems that arose from foot binding.


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

The process of foot binding is incredibly painful. It is practiced in cultures who believe that abnormally small feet are beautiful. The process causes damage to the individual's foot and can lead to many health issues.


Answer by  philg1961 (347)

Some cultures, like the ancient Chinese, bound womens feet because they thought tiny feet were beautiful. While foot binding did produce 'beautiful feet', it also created a great deal of pain. The pain lasted long beyond the binding process. Some women were unable to walk because the binding process left their feet small and deformed.


Answer by  SarahB (158)

Historically footbinding symbolized wealth and status. You must be carried and cannot do manual labor. Binding is done to children, so it is done when the bones are softer.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

Foot binding is a painful process, but certain eastern cultures participate in this procedure because they see small, delicate feet as essential to being a woman.


Answer by  Patrick7 (106)

The Chinese used to bind women's feet for centuries, particularly those in the higher classes. It was thought that binding the feet and making the woman less mobile would make her more attractive to her husband.

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