Question by  AppleAnnie (70)

What classes do I need to take for an associates degree in business?

I would like to get an associated degree but have no idea what I need to take.


Answer by  elb (1105)

Colleges have different requirements. Count on taking an accounting or bookkeeping course, an introduction to management, and some courses in office software. Most companies want a bachelor's degree, so an associate degree that transfers to a 4-year college is usually better than a 2-year business degree.


Answer by  mirabelle3366 (120)

To get an associates degree, you will need to take courses in accounting, business law, business communication, and computer classes in addition to your required coursework. Speak to a school counselor at the college you would like to attend and ask to see the required courses for a degree in business. Colleges will clearly explain what courses you must take.


Answer by  keelagodrino (57)

First you must take the basics.(Check with your College to find out which are needed) Then you will need to find the requirements for an associate degree at that school, they may differ from one school to the next. Schools usually have counselors to lead you in the right direction.


Answer by  patti (29325)

It depends on where you plan to go to school. A community or junior college has a list of core classes that are required (English, math, humanities, etc.) in addition to the major curriculum, which can vary depending on the specific offerings of the institution. Decide where you want to go to school then explore their catalog.


Answer by  Bronagh (666)

Your junior college should have a class list of required courses; you will mainly be taking basics such as English, math and history plus entry-level acounting and other business classes.


Answer by  bizdoctor (5)

This really depends on which school you'd like to receive a degree from. Once you determine which school you're interested in, check their business department's website for details on which courses are required to receive an associates degree. If you're still lost, contact the school and ask for an advisor.


Answer by  Vincent (75)

Your college has a course catalog outlining all the classes you need to complete the business degree in their school. It is suggested to follow this guideline closely so that you can graduate as soon as possible. Normally, an associates degree in business will include several business, accounting, math, English, communications, and elective classes.


Answer by  sparksteacher (134)

You can get an associates degree by seeking information at a local community college, or by searching online for degree programs.

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