Question by  10yearsofservice (24)

Why is it popular to smoke Black and Milds?

I see more and more people smoking them.


Answer by  Crystal03 (240)

Black and Milds are more popular now because alot of people do not inhale them. You can still get the effect of "smoking", the smoke, the hand movments without actually inhaling the tabacco which is what causes diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease. I've heard of people using black and milds to actually quit smoking cigarettes.


Answer by  Anonymous

People smoke them because they tast better than cigarettes. Plain and simple. Although it did help me quit smoking marijuana.To each His own. They've been around for quite sometime,Are they catching on or are we just getting older? And you have to remember, everythings more publicized nowdays!!


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Trends is why. Ever study Sociology? Black and Milds may not be that great. But someone important out there is smoking them, and everyone else ants to be cool, just like that guy.

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